Slot Machine Strategy

Below is our slot machine strategy guide which we have put together in an attempt to get you to become a much better slot players. Have a good read through this slot machine strategy guide and who knows you may just hit that big illusive slot machine jackpot when you next sit down to play slot games online or even offline!

We have also come across this useful article highlighting how to bring together strategy and having fun with Online Slots.

1. Before you start to play any slot game have a good look around the slots on offer and find one that you like and one that has a good payout percentage.

2. You next need to set yourself a stop loss limit, the best rule of thumb is to see how much you have got to play slot with and then divide this in half. Once you reach this limit then stop playing and take a break, as it may not be your lucky day that day.

3. Just like a stop loss limit you also need to set yourself a win goal or win limit, again a good rule of thumb is to divide your slot budget in half and decide that when you increase this bankroll by 50% then stop playing and walk away a winner.

4. Avail yourself to any free drinks or meals you are offered by the casino as this means you will never go hungry whilst at the same time you will be rewarded for your slots action..

5. Make sure you insert your comp club card into the slot machine before you start to play as by doing so you will be earning yourself even more slot comps the more you play.

6. Look out for the payout percentages of online slot games as sometimes there can be great differences in what slot machines payback in way of prizes, the higher the payout percentage the better the game.

7. Ensure you know how to play the bonus games that you will be awarded on any video slot game there can be nothing worse that messing up a bonus feature due to you not knowing what to do.

8. Look out for new slot games as often these have much better payouts then older more established slot games.

9. If Lady Luck is smiling on you and you spin in a big win then make sure you cash out and spend the winnings on something nice!

10. Never play a slot machine that has either just paid out a jackpot or one that has just paid out a series of large wins, as more often than not these slots will suck all your money in quicker than you can say arggg!