Slot Machine Secrets

In days gone by all you had to do was insert a coin into the slot machine coin slot then simply pull the handle to find out if you were a winner or not, nowadays it seems you have to have a degree in mathematics to play some of the latest slot games, so in this section of the website we will enlighten you on a few secret and not so secrets things you may or may not have known about slot machines.

One fairly unknown secret is that in landbased casinos the management will place their loosest and top paying slot games adjacent to the buffet, bars and lift areas. The reason for this is that these places have a high foot fall and by placing machines near them which pay out more than others then fellow players will want to play and see if Lady Luck will simple on them!

So if you do play at a landbased casino then do not venture too far into the casino floor as you may end up playing slot games that have a relatively poor payout percentages, and this will mean you may go broke much quicker than you thought you would! Keep to the busy areas and you may e amazed at how much further your gaming budget goes.

Online Slot Machine Secrets

If you are a player of online slot machines then there are a few slot secrets you need to be aware of. The first is in regards to new slot machines, online slot machine manufacturers will often adjust these new slot games to payout a higher payout percentage than their older slots, this is a way of getting you to play them and getting to like them, then as more new slots come out they will often reduce the payout percentages accordingly.

Keep your eyes peeled for slot bonuses that require you to only play certain slot machines at an online casino, often these machines have the worst payouts online and are simply their to get you to deposit and receive a bonus and offer very little playability and value.

Often new players at an online casino will hit the jackpot on progressive slots, we cannot explain the reason for this but maybe it is beginners luck, so if you have just signed up to a new online casino then maybe a good strategy will be to give their progressive slot games a try, and you never know it could be you who wins that next life changing sum of money!

Another slot secret is to ensure you are a member of the casinos' comp or loyalty club before you start to play any of their slot games, often you are enrolled automatically but sometimes you need to sign up separately. So if you don't want to miss out on all this free extra casino cash make sure you do indeed sign up to their comp/loyalty club before you start to play for real money.