Slot Machine Hints

A new way of keeping slot players interested in playing any particular slot game has been developed by slot machine manufacturers, and this is to offer the players "hints" that they should look out for when playing.

One particular slot machine hint to look out for is when you are playing a Bar X machine, this has a couple of built in slot hints that can guarantee you a win. The first is the three hold slot hint, if you have been given three holds on the trot then this means that once you have held the same symbols for a third time you are guaranteed a win on the final third spin.

Another very popular slot machine hint is the hold after a nudge hint, if you have nudged in two matching symbols on the reels during a nudge feature but have been unable to complete a winning combination, then, if you are offered a hold on after the nudge you should decline it and not hold anything, more often than not you will then spin in a winning combination, but only if you have not held anything.

Slot Machine Hints - Hidden Features

Another thing to look out for when playing slot game is what are termed hidden features. One of the most common is when you are playing a slot game that offers a hold feature. Often one of the hidden features is a hold is offered but you are not aware of it as the hold lights do not illuminate. So whenever you have had a winning spin always make sure you press the hold buttons before you make your next spin as sometimes you have a hidden hold and you would be otherwise oblivious to it.

Another hidden feature is when you are offered a skill stop, this is when the lights on the feature trail flash speedily in sequence and you have to try and stop the light when it is at the highest point on the feature trail. Often you can depress the cancel button and this will sometimes slow down the flashing sequence to such an extent that you virtually guarantee the highest win possible.

Another common hidden feature is when you have been offered 5 consecutive trail held's, what will happen is that you will next be awarded a skill shot on the nudges, so make sure you utilize this hidden slot machine hint.

The final slot machine hint is when the lights on the slot machine turn red, this is often called the red attack hidden feature and this means you are guaranteed to win the jackpot or top prize, so do look out for this hint more so on UK styled fruit machines. Also make sure you read the help files located in the casino software when you are playing online slots as these can often reveal a wealth of valuable information that can help you get onto a winning streak.