Slot Machine Cheats

It has often been said by people involved in the slot machine industry that no sooner has a new slot machine been released then a whole host of scamsters sit down and devise a new way of cheating it! This has proved to be very true, and over the years, in fact since day one of slot machines people have been cheating and defrauding them, sometimes on mass.

In this section of the Slots Planet website we shall take a closer look into the murky world of slot machine cheats and show you how one of the most successful slot machine scams and cheats have been put into practice.

We should point out however that this is purely for information purposes only, and cheating any slot machine is illegal, and you run the very real risk of having your collar felt if you attempt any form of cheating when playing slot machines, so whatever you do, don't try to replicate any of the following cheats and scams!

Slot Machine Cheats - Wiring

"Wiring" a slot machine is no longer possible on modern day slot machines, and this cheat is simply involves putting a wire with a small hook onto the end of it directly into the coin slot on a slot machine. The wire would then pass along the coin channel and make contact with a micro switch, which would then register a credit on the slot machine.

This scam reached epidemic proportions in the 1980's and 1990's in the UK and the slot machine manufacturers were forced to install new electronic devices that would scan the coins inserted into the coin slot for thickness, diameter and even the material the coin was made of, this meant people inserting a simple wire into the slot could not obtain illegal credits any more.

But this then led to a new form of wiring which was called "strimming", it was given this name as scamsters used the nylon wire used on garden strimmers and would then carefully attached by strong super glue a one pound coin to the end of the strimmer wire. Then be forcing this coin in and out of the coin mechanism they could quickly register lots of credits. They would then simply play off these credits and collect any winnings. In no time at all they could empty a slot machine of all coins stored in the coin hopper or tubes.

The reason this form of coin slot cheating was successful was that the coin slot mechanism would only be measuring the coins structure and as they wire attached to the coin was made of nylon the mechanism could not detect it. So this then led to slot machine manufacturers devising even more security enhanced coin slot mechanisms which could indeed detect and sort of fraudulent attempt on the coin slot.

Slot machine cheats are still cheating coin mechanisms the world over, however it takes a lot of skill and practice and with the advent of security cameras and CCTV it has becoming much harder for them to pull of this scam.