How Slot Machines Work

If you have ever wondered how slot machine work then this part of the Slots Planet website is dedicated to you! We shall let you know, in a easy to understand format exactly how a slot make works and operates.

At the heart of every slot machine is a Microprocessor, which simply put is the brains behind the slot machine, much like a computer. This device controls every aspect of the slot machine and both relays and receives information from each part of the slot game.

When a coin or bank note is inserted into a coin slot or note acceptor then once it has been validated a signal is sent to the microprocessor which then credits you with the correct amount of credits, which are displayed on the slot machines credit or bank display.

How Slot Machines Work - The Game

The second you hit the start/spin button or pull the slot machines handle then a signal is sent to the microprocessor which then tells the reels to spin, it also generates a random sequence which is sent to the slot machines reels. The reels then spin in the sequence it has been told to display. If a win sequence has been sent then the player will see that this is instantly credited to their bank/credit meter once the reels have all finally come to rest.

The slot machine will have been programmed to payout a certain payback percentage, this is over many hundreds of thousands of spins, and this is what will decide if you are due a winning spin or not. If the machine hasn't paid out any wins over a large number of spins then you are more likely to achieve a winning spin than if the slot game has just [aid out a large sequence of wins.

The thing to bear in mind before you accept any casino bonus is that they will all have terms and conditions attached. The most common term is that you are required to "play through" your bonus and/or deposit a certain number of times before you can make a withdrawal. But by choosing the highest paying slots sprinkled with a bit of good luck you can often find yourself in profit.

When a player presses the collect or cash out button then the microprocessor sends a signal to the coin hopper or ticket printer and the correct number of coins (or a winning ticket to the value of the bank) will be dispensed.

It is also important to point out that any malfunction will void all plays and pays. Sometimes albeit rarely a slot game may malfunction, a reel may become jammed or may not spin properly etc. When this happens your stake will be returned and any win that may have appeared to have spun in will be voided and cancelled out. These malfunctions happen very, very rarely so don't think that if you have legally won a large jackpot that you won't get paid, if you have won a jackpot or large win fair and squarely then you will be paid out, in full with no fuss or hassle!