Fruit Machines

There was once a time when fruit machines where simple, no nonsense games to play and could often be found in pubs, clubs, cafes and amusement arcades across the UK, But with the advent of the internet you no longer have to make a trek to play them as their are several hundreds available to play online.

Fruit machines come in all shapes and sizes, and it is the games structure and game play that will decide whether that fruit machine is going to be a winner and a successful one. One of the most popular fruit machines of all time is Electrocoins Bar X machine. This has to be one of the simplest fruit machines to play as all you have to do is line up either three X's or three Bars to win.

The main difference of fruit machines as opposed to video and casino slots is that many of them have a feature trail or bonus board/ladder that comes into play when you amass a certain amount of numbers which are super imposed on the reel symbols. Slot manufacturers have also inserted into these games hidden features that more experienced players will discover as they play them, and this give a skill full play more chance of a winning session.

Online Fruit Machines

One of the leading online fruit machine software companies is a firm called Microgaming. They were established in the early 1990's and have over the years expanded into one of the biggest and best online fruit machine manufacturer.

One of our top rated online slots sites Royal Vegas Casino is powered by Microgaming and below you will find a brief write up about a small selection of the fruit machines that are currently available to play from with in their download suite of games. Be aware you can play for free or for real money, however no Microgaming powered site accepts US players.

Cash n Curry - This is an Indian Restaurant themed fruit machine that comes complete with a bonus game that is triggered by lining up curry pots on the feature grid.

Track and Field Mouse - A fun to play fruit machine and one that comes complete with a bonus game that is triggered every time you line up a winning combination on the reels, this means plenty of bonus games!

You Lucky Barstard - Another excellent fruit machine from Microgaming, and this one will give you a bonus game whenever you manage to win three Black Bar wins in a row, this means they are few and far between but once triggered you can often win a sizeable amount!

The Gee Gees - If you like fruit machines that are off the wall and wacky then this is without a doubt the fruit machine for you. This one features a cast of dancing horses! With nudges, holds and of course a feature trail to keep you amused, entertained and maybe in profit, so track it down and give it a few spins, you may just get to love it!

Head on over to Royal Vegas Casino and you can play their Microgaming fruit machine games with up to $1200 in bonuses. (Not suitable for USA, UK or Australian players)